We would like to take an opportunity to introduce our self as a one of the reputed company based in Lahore and would like to highlight our companyís role in the supply of the quality terry products under the name of Knots International Pvt Ltd.

Knots International is one of the leading terry towels and bathroom manufacturers in Pakistan. Over the year KNOTS greatest asset has been scores of satisfied customer around the world. At KNOTS INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LIMITED we are pleased to present our exclusive and wide range of high quality products. We have a fine line of women, men and childrenís bathroom, home, hotel, and beach towel to suite your requirement. Itís the variety; softness, absorbency one step ahead from the rest.

Products Range


We are also producing strips towels. Colors and designs keep changing.


These are single or double jacquard towels in various designs and colors.


This is plain dyed towels with velour or sheared strips on the front face. Shearing gives the towels a very up market luxurious look.


This is a fancy fabric without pile, very popular in Italy and France. It is wonderful fabric 100% cotton, light yet absorbent. It can stand a number of washes and is excellent for rough use. The constructions of the fabric is such that it shrinks. We have however managed to bring the shrinkage down to around 7/8 %

Velour Robes

Standard 400g/m2. Our standard fabric is rich and has look. It is very strong and will stand maximum stress at the seem. Available as standard production item all the time in all style. It all style. It is available in various designs at different times of the year.

Combed + Carded

These two varieties are in productions at all times. In addition to the above we make divers weight, from 320g/m2 to 700/m2. If a customer has special needs like crepe waver, one side terry, loop fast etc we will be happy to comply as we have the experience and the ability. Minimum quality for a special waver is 400 kgs.

Plain Dyed Batch Robes

We are manufacturing bathroom in all three style kimono, shawl collar and hooded bathroom in all the American and European sizes. Basic terry fabric 350/-400g/m2 ring spun pile yarn soft finish. Basic terry fabric 400g/m2 especially for institutional and better quality stores. Luxury Combed 400g/m2. this is a very soft and luxurious fabric in production at all times. A regular shelf item with our customer in Europe. We can produce higher weight or special weavers upon request.

Fact File 

Year of Establishment 

No. of Employees 

Knots - 1992



Weaving Capacity

Dyeing Capacity

Stitching/Packing Capacity

95,000 Kgs per month

110,000 Kgs per month

100,000 Kgs per month